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"Yes, You Can !"

1ere BAC C-S Zola
2012 -2013


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PERIOD 1: September - October 2012

Message from your teacher.

September 2012 : Welcome Back to school !

This is your website. Explore it !
It will help you progress and get organized all the school year long.
Follow the teacher's instructions, regularly learn the lessons,
do your homework -seriously-, Stay focussed in class
and don't wait until the test if you don't understand something.

You can contact me if you need extra information.

Remember your password to have access to the lessons
and private sections.

Good luck !
M Lombrana

P.S. :
=>To have access to the school equipment list: go to the menu in the "News" section.
=> Click on the cliparts to have access to the various tools & pages.

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PERIOD 2: November - December 2012

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PERIOD 3: January - February 2013

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PERIOD 4: March - April 2013

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PERIOD 4: May - June 2013