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"Yes, You Can !"

1 SPVL Zola
2012 -2013


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PERIOD 1: September - October 2012

Message from your teacher.

September 2012 : Welcome Back to school !

I hope you had great holidays and are now motivated to face this new
school year. From the very first days we are going to concentrate on
your oral skills. I know many of you lack confidence & have difficulties but
it is very important that you speak English in class & be active -not hyperactive !-

Hopefully this year you'll be involved in great projects.
Thus I trust you to be enthusiastic, serious and well-behaved !!!

I will try to keep this site up to date to help you progress and get organized
You will be able to download MP3 recordings and the videos we saw in class.
Regularly consult, your page as well as the planning & news section.

You can contact me if you need extra information or encounter any problems.

Remember your password to have access to the lessons
and private sections.

Good luck !
M Lombrana

P.S. :
=>To have access to the school equipment list: go to the menu in the "News" section.
=> Click on the cliparts to have access to the various tools & pages.

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PERIOD 2: November - December 2012

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PERIOD 3: January - February 2013

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PERIOD 4: March - April 2013

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PERIOD 4: May - June 2013