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"Yes, You Can !"
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PERIOD 2: November - December 2012


"This is still Autumn, Winter Soon..."
What's up this month ?

1) Well The Americans are about to elect a new president

2) Learn about the Thanksgiving Celebration and Native Americans

3) Let's talk about "Buy Nothing Day"

4) See how New Yorkers are coping after Sandy Tornado

5) Keep an eye on the friendly globe-trotter muralist artist, Phillip Martin

6) Click here to discover the latest movies to be released.

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PERIOD 1: September - October 2012


"This is Autumn."
What's up this month ?

1) Well click here and discover SIGNMARK a talented Finnish rap artist,

2) Make the most of The Autumnal season:
=> Have a walk in the woods with friends & relatives,
=> Take photos of nature & collect colorful leaves,
=> Plant a tree & flower buds,
=> Prepare delicious recipes with pumpkin & mushrooms,
=> Follow the fashion week to know everything about the latest trends,

3) Learn about Native Americans & Christopher Columbus,

4) Meet the friendly globe-trotter muralist artist, Phillip Martin

5) And get ready for Halloween !!!



Good Bye Summer Holidays !
Welcome Back to school !
Don't freak out !
I wish you all the best for this new term.
Here are some tips & fun activities
to cheer you up !
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