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First Name: Magalie

Family Name: Lombrana

Nationality: French

Age: 40s

Place of Work: Vocational High School Emile Zola
in Aix-en-Provence, Southern France

Passions: New Technologies, Cinema, Art, Comics, Literature,Traveling, Cooking, Gardening, Swimming, Dancing, Badminton, Martial Arts & more...
I have been an English teacher for 16 years.

I graduated at Toulouse Le Mirail University where I was fortunate to attend
Jean Rémi Lapaire & Wilfrid Rotgé' s linguistics courses
and Where I completed a master degree in Sociology & English Literature about
John Galsworthy under the supervision of Mrs Lesley Lawton.

I was then sent by the "Education Nationale" board to the "Academie of Normandy", where I spent 2 years.
Then I moved to the "Academie of Aix-Marseille" where I served as a substitute teacher from 1999 to 2006.
It enabled me to work with a large panel of students from different age groups and trainings. A very fulfilling experience indeed !

I am currently teaching in Aix-en-Provence at
Emile Zola Vocational High School.

This website is free and devoted to my current & former students to motivate them & help them progress.
Of course it is also opened to any students & language teachers.
Please do contact me if you want to comment on it,contribute or use some documents as most of them are copyrighted and mean long working hours.